Do the right investment;
Build your human asset.

In Today’s dynamic and continuously changing business world, it is the human assets and not the fixed or tangible assets that differentiate an organization from its competitors. We believe that Training enriches one’s skill, mindset and experience, likewise, his productivity.
EMEND always focuses on adding value to society through its services. We provide training services in many areas and to different industries, through our intensive experience in designing and delivering training programs.
EMEND has been providing distinctive training programs to serve both of the local and global markets, for more than 23 years. Our training programs focus on the development of the companies’ human capital by enriching their knowledge and sharpening their skills. We, also provide a vast array of training programs tailored for the construction industry.

EMEND is the first qualifying body for the International Project Management Association (IPMA) certificates in Egypt since the contract signed in 1999 with the Management Engineering Society (MES) as the representative of IPMA in Egypt. We developed a Qualification Training Program based on the IPMA International Competence Baseline ICB 4 that qualifies for the, internationally recognized, IPMA Professional Project Management certificate.

Seeking excellence and continuous development, EMEND has commenced professional collaboration with Dr. Sherif EL-Haggan, since 2018, he is the designer of the unparalleled ‘Contractual & Legal Aspects in the Construction Industry’ training program known as CLAC; a comprehensive 5-course program that achieved great success with participants including engineers & lawyers. EMEND’s singularity lies in being the exclusive place in Egypt that offers the unique combination of certificates of Project Management (IPMA) and contractual and legal aspects in the construction industry (CLAC).

EMEND Training Fields:

Project Management Contract Management Management Skills Technical Programs
• Project Organizational Structures
• Project Control
• Follow-up Planning and Operations Management
• Time Planning and Scheduling
• Extension of Time Claims (E.O.T)
• Planning Software Application
• CLAC 010 : Sources & Regimes of Obligations
• CLAC 020 : Specific Contracts / Low of Evidence / Liabilities of the Engineer & the Contractor
• CLAC 030 : FIDIC Contracts, Interpretive Case Oriented Approach
• CLAC 040 : Claims & Disputes in the Construction Industry Management Skills
• CLAC 050 : Resolution of Disputes/Dispute Boards / Arbitration
• The Stages of Preparing and Awarding Tenders
• Effective Management of Tenders and Procurement Contracts
• Introduction to FIDIC
• Time Management
• Leadership Skills
• Communication Skills
• Problem Solving
• Negotiation Skills
• Conflict Management
• The Concept of Strategic Management
• Prepare Reports, Correspondence and Manage Meetings
• Administrative skills of Secretaries and Office Managers
• Finance for Non-Financial
• Financial Disclosure and Analysis
• Read and Analyze Financial Statements
• Cash Flow Reports
• Cost Analysis Skills for Planning and Control
• Electrical Distribution (Medium Voltage - Low Voltage - Light Current)
• Civil Infrastructure Design and Documentation Software
• Engineering Design Modeling Software GPS in Sites
• GPS (Global Position System)
• GIS (Geographic Information System)

Our Training Facilities:

We offer online training and in-house training provided with a number of training rooms to suit the needs of our various training sessions. Our training facilities are air-conditioned, well sanitized and well equipped with adjustable lighting, screens, boards, data shows, projectors, etc.

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